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The supercapacitor makes all the difference

Quick Notes

– The new Sian hybrid is the fastest car Lamborghini ever built
– The innovative supercapacitor replaces the heavy lithium-ion battery
– Sian has over 800 horsepower with speeds around 220 mph

At the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2019, Lamborghini introduced its newest innovation, the Sian V12 hybrid supercar. But this isn’t just any hybrid. It differs from other high-performance electric cars. Instead of a big, heavy lithium-ion battery, the Lamborghini Sian’s powertrain uses a supercapacitor.

So what exactly is a supercapacitor, you may ask?

First of all, let me tell you what it does. The Sian’s supercapacitor not only creates more horsepower, but it also does it efficiently. Without the cumbersome lithium-ion battery to haul around, the Sian is lightweight. And it gets a power boost from the e-motor when accelerating.

Some of this technology is a secret, so Lamborghini hasn’t spilled all the beans.

Lamborghini has been on the cutting edge of electrical technology for awhile. They knew electrical power, along with a gas motor, could potentially give their supercars more horsepower. But Lamborghini was looking for something better than the lithium battery.

What are the advantages of the supercapacitor?

“This new technology is sure to be a game-changer by making the electric car lighter and faster. And who doesn’t want that?”

There are several advantages to the supercapacitor over the lithium battery. Besides being lightweight, it replenishes the electric motor while driving.

That’s right, Lamborghini found a way to regenerate power to the supercapacitor more efficiently than traditional batteries. The supercapacitor does that by discharging while accelerating and recharging while braking. It also cools down much faster than the lithium battery.

The energy is then stored in the supercapacitor and gives a power boost when needed. The shortened charge time is what Lamborghini set out to do, and they have succeeded.

New technology to appreciate

This technology has been used before by Lamborghini in the Aventador supercar. However, the Sian rivals the Aventador with its style, innovation, and speed.

Johannes Maximilian / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY 4.0

With this new technology, the Sian is said to go from 0 to 62 in 2.8 seconds, which makes it the fastest acceleration ever in a Lamborghini. Coming in at 75 pounds, the supercapacitor is part of the gearbox and sits between the cabin and the engine. Because of its placement, the supercapacitor’s weight is evenly distributed.

The positioning gives it better performance and quicker response time when accelerating. The e-motor has just enough power without the gas engine to drive at slow speeds.

“With the gas motor not running, the Sian is quieter and easier to park at low speeds.”

But Lamborghini wasn’t done yet with the Sian

Sian means “lighting” or “flash” in Italian, and the name is fitting. The Italian auto-maker used titanium to upgrade the intake valves, making it the most powerful engine they ever built.

The V12 alone has 785 horsepower. And when paired with the 48-volt e-motor, which adds even more, the Sian surpasses 800 horsepower. It’s expected to run at 220 mph.

The supercapacitor makes turning corners smoother without losing any power. That’s because when the brake is applied to go around the corner, the supercapacitor gets recharged, leading to even more power. Then she’s ready to accelerate again after rounding that corner.

This supercar has even more to offer. The supercapacitor also takes the torque down, which gives it a steady transition when changing gears. And with less torque, the tires don’t have to work so hard to stay on the road while accelerating and going around corners. Bonus!

“There are several advantages to the supercapacitor over the lithium battery. Besides being lightweight, it replenishes the electric motor while driving.”

The Sian is expected to be released in late 2020 or early 2021. But don’t get your hopes up too high for this supercar. The price is listed at over $3 million, and if that’s not enough to scare you off, there are only 63 of these vehicles, and they’re all sold out! The number 63 is a nod to the year Lamborghini was founded.

It’s a shame Founder Ferruccio Lamborghini will never get to see the Sian, as he passed in 1993. But there’s no doubt he would be very proud of the vehicles his company has created.

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